About the Coffee

Where does your coffee come from?

Most of our coffee comes from different regions around Africa and Central and South America.

Do You only sell whole bean coffee?

We find that grinding your beans just before brewing creates the freshest coffee. For this reason, we only sell whole bean coffee.

Is your coffee organic?

We try to use organic coffee when possible, but depending on the origin, sometimes this isnt possible. Some of our blends are organic, while others are not. Be sure to read the details of each coffee to see if we have used organic beans.

Can you recommend how to grind my beans?

The size of your grind is dependent on the method of brewing you choose. If you are looking for a versatile and entry level grinder, we often recommend this Cuisinart.

About the Shop

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we only ship within the continental United States.

How do you ship your coffee?

We primarily use USPS First Class or Priority Mail services. If you need to have us ship using a different carrier, please email us at hello@genericcoffee.net

How long does it take to get my coffee?

Packages typically arrive within 2 – 4 days, depending on weight and service selection.

Are you planning on offering subscriptions?

We are working on subscriptions for our coffee now. At the moment, we are still experimenting with different blends. Once we have settled on some regular blends, we will begin testing a subscription service.